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Official Profile Photo

Name: Matsuda Shiori (松田栞 / まつだ しおり)

Nickname: Shiokichi (しおきち)

Date of Birth: 1995.06.18

Hometown: Hyogo

Height: 158 cm

Favorite food: Fried potatoes, Edamame

Agency: KYORAKU Yoshimoto Holdings

Generation: 1st

Debut Date (Kenkyuusei): 2011.01.01

Debut Date (Official Team Member): 2011.03.10

Current Team: Team N

Election Rankings:

  • 2009: N/A
  • 2010: N/A
  • 2011: -

Janken Tournament Rankings:

  • 2010: N/A
  • 2011: -

Extra information: Due to issues balancing work and school, management accepted Matsuda's proposed suspension on 2011.09.04. On 2011.11.27, management announced that they would hold a fan vote to determine if she would return. On 2011.12.07 fans votes 8,377 to 1,406 in favor of her return. Matsuda resumed activites on 2012.01.01.

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