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SKE48's 8th single "Kataomoi Finally" will be released on 2012.01.25.

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Iwasa Misaki

Iwasa Misaki will make her debut as a solo enka singer on 2012.02.01 with "Mujin Eki".

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NMB48's 3rd single "Junjou U-19" will be released on 2012.02.08.

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Matsui Rena

Matsui Rena will release her first solo photobook on 2012.03.01

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AKB48 Team A member Shinoda Mariko came in 1st place in the Janken tournament and became the center of the 24th single. Producer Akimoto Yasushi changed the title song and wrote a new song in Shinoda's honor when she won.
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