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Official Profile Photo

Name: Deguchi Aki (出口陽 / でうち あき)

Nickname: Pippi (ぴっぴ)

Date of Birth: 1988.03.14

Hometown: Mie

Blood Type: AB

Height:162 cm

3-Size: 82-57-84 cm

Shoe Size: 24.0 cm

Hobby: Watching ants, Digging bamboo shoots

Special Skill: Stilts, Arm wrestling

Future Dream: Singer

Favorite Food: Mayonnaise

Favorite Phrase: ありがとう (Thank you)

Agency: AKS

Generation: 1st (Originally AKB48 4th Generation)

Debut Date (Official Team Member): 2008.10.05

Current Team: Team S

AKB48 Election Rankings:
2009: -
2010: -
2011: -

AKB48 Janken Tournament Rankings:
2010: N/A
2011: -

Extra Information: Deguchi graduated from AKB on 2007.11.26 in order to continue her education. She auditioned for SKE48 in 2008 and was added to Team S.