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Name: Abiru Riho (阿比留李帆 / あびる りほ)

Nickname: Riho (りほ)

Date of Birth: 1993.07.17

Hometown: Aichi

Blood Type: B

Height: 166 cm

3-Size: 80-60-89 cm

Shoe Size: 23.5 cm

Hobby: Shopping, Making sweets

Special Skill: Shiritori

Future Dream: Model, Talent

Favorite Food: Yakiniki, Strawberry tarts

Favorite Phrase: 花鳥風月 (Beauty of nature)

Agency: AKS

Generation: 2nd

Debut Date (Kenkyuusei): 2009.04.25

Debut Date (Official Team Member): 2010.12.06

Current Team: Team KII

AKB48 Election Rankings:
2009: -
2010: -
2011: -

AKB48 Janken Tournament Rankings:
2010: N/A
2011: -